Art of Unexpected Gifting

3 reasons for unexpected gifting

Unexpected gifts can be more meaningful and create a sense of surprise and delight for the recipient. When someone receives an unexpected gift, it can evoke feelings of happiness and appreciation, which can make the gift more memorable and impactful. Behavioral science studies have proven when someone receives an unexpected gift, they appreciate the gift-giver to a larger degree. 

Here are some reasons why unexpected gifts can be better:

  • Surprise factor: When someone receives an unexpected gift, they are often caught off guard, which can make the gift more surprising and exciting.
  • Genuine thoughtfulness: Unexpected gifts often show a greater level of thoughtfulness because the giver has put in the effort to choose something that the recipient would appreciate without any prompting.
  • Creates a special moment: An unexpected gift can create a special moment that the recipient will always remember. It can be a time to celebrate, show appreciation, or just share a meaningful moment with someone else.

Unexpected gifts create a sense of surprise, excitement, and genuine thoughtfulness that can make the gift more meaningful and memorable. Did you know that gifting services like offer gift subscriptions to help? There is no fee for the subscription and it’s an easy way to keep on top of your gift giving needs in a more consistent way. 

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