Send a Monthly Gift

Sending a regular reminder that you're thinking of someone has never been easier! With a Care+Giving gift package, you can send thoughtful gifts to someone on a monthly basis to remind them that you're thinking of them, and that they have you in their corner. 

Send a Monthly Gift

 Benefits of sending a gift package: 

1. Helps people in your community feel supported. Sending a thoughtful gift to someone experiencing trauma, illness, a life change, or a recent loss of a loved one reminds them that they're not alone. Grief comes in waves, not in single moments, and a monthly gift is a nice reminder that you've got their back for the long-term. 
2. Supports women and minority-owned businesses. We curate our boxes with products from small businesses - in particular women and minority-owned businesses - because it's in our DNA to give back to those who are most impacted by caregiving responsibilities, and caregivers are who we sought out to support from the beginning. 
3. Gives back. Care+Giving supports a new non-profit each month. We love donating to the Alzheimer's Association in particular because this disease hits close to home, but we're always open to finding new non-profits to support!

    How it Works

    Purchase a set of 3, 6, or 9 gift boxes, and we'll ship out your gift with the latest products each month!* 

    Products in each box will vary depending on availability and seasonal trends, but each box will be of similar value that the recipient is sure to love.

    Want to customize what's in your box? You can email us with requests

    Send a Monthly Gift

    *Gift boxes are discounted depending on how many boxes you purchase (3 or 6). On average, this discount applies to an average of our existing assortment. Each box discount is based on a $35 gift set.