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The Here for You Box

The Here for You Box

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Word Games and Puzzles

Show them that you are here, no matter what, with the "Here for You" box.

Accompanying a family member or friend to medical appointments means dry, sterile environments, lots of waiting, and being on the move. The "Here for You" box is curated so you can gift everyday items that help a caregiver tackle it all, one appointment at a time.

What's included: 

  • Daily planner: to keep it all straight. 
  • Hand lotion and lip balm: to moisturize after being in cold rooms for long periods of time (and to help with the dryness from all of that hand sanitizing)! 
  • Hot/Cold insulated mug: to use at water fountains or to fill with their favorite coffee or tea. Double-wall insulation so beverages are kept icy cold or piping hot for hours.
  • Relax tea: to take on-the-go for waiting rooms or in the car. 
  • Motivating word games and puzzles: choose from Sudoku, crosswords, mind games, or word searches to keep a caregiver (or their family!) entertained when long waiting periods are inevitable. 
  • Mug cake: heat in the microwave! 
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